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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Taemin is UBER HOT & SEXY
& not to mention what a total CUTIE.

School's ending in a week's time. Missing TAS already. Study break's long cause of the YOG holidays. Hope i can start working during the study break too. (a reason to get out of the house.) But then again, i need to study real hard this sem. Need to get my grades up badly. I've been doing too badly.

Aiming to study my korean language really well. Need to practice. But there's no one to practice speaking it with me! )):

Somebody! Ask me out on a movie date please! Its been AGES since i last watched a movie! The last movie i watched was Alice in the Wonderland! Super long ago!! Crap, what a life i have.

Voice is recovering now, cant talk much still tho, throat hurts. Such a torture. Becoming emo soon. sigh.

Need to start studying. Kinda kia-su sia. LOLS


시간을 거슬러 가고 싶습니다 ♥
A time, a place, a memory.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

i'm such an impulsive shopper.

Thats bad right? sigh. Most of the time, i regret what i buy in like, a few hours to a day later. Yes, i know, you're gonna tell me that i should think about it 1st before buying right? But the thing is, i DO think about it before i buy. And its not just thinking for a moment only, the thinking process is actually quite long!
)): i still don't know why im like that.

School work is all cramping up in a month again. sheeshhhh! (like when will schools ever learn?)시간을 멈춰라, 제발.

Still loving my polaroid, need to buy more films, want another camera. LOLS! (am i crazy or what.)

gotta chiong my APEL report now. Its sooooo rotting away. :D

Ciao peeps!


시간을 거슬러 가고 싶습니다 ♥
A time, a place, a memory.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


KEKEKE. Can you like spell H.A.P.P.Y?! 기분이 너무 좋아! heeheeees ((: Its the Instax Mini 7S White! kekeke.
So happy now. Gonna buy loads of films and accessories for my beloved camera. heeheee
GMarket here i come!!


시간을 거슬러 가고 싶습니다 ♥
A time, a place, a memory.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

i really really wish people would post their names or some form of recognition when tagging people's blog.

Im not even mentioning that people should be tagging something that makes sense yet. Just the names part you know.

I mean, take a look at my tagboard?! I know, it has been kinda a dead. still, tagging without a name or tagging stuff that doesnt make sense here on my blog will not be tolerated.


시간을 거슬러 가고 싶습니다 ♥
A time, a place, a memory.

Accounting Mid Sem test in slightly more than 12 hrs time. Drats!
(But that also means that the holidays are coming tooo)
Hate accountings. But at least its better than Econs. LOLS!

Blogshop opened ((: hahah. take a look ya? http://Sixthh.blogspot.com

Nothing much to post after my day out with my Darlings. Been like, months? since i've met them. Gosh! Love them loads! but it was only the 4 of us. Miss them others loads tooo!

This holiday, need to go shopping-period! making use of the GSS. kekekekeke.
This holiday, i also wanna catch all the dramas that i've missed out due to the massive work load. ((:
This holiday, im gonna do something about the permanent-mess-that-should-not-be-there, in my room.

So many things i wanna do! you've gotta book me if u wanna meet me this holiday! Cause if not, i think im gonna stay at home at watch the dramas and shop shop shop! kekekekeke.

Crap, i forgot i have to do projects tooo. )):

looking at past photos, i realised how much and badly i've missed the old times. mainly, you.
i guess no one will know. but it really sucks having to dwell on the old times with feelings only u can and will understand.
its frustrating you know. and i cant move on. (like you do. or maybe it never even occurred to you.)
i wish you others can read my mind, just to know how i feel.
& i wish i could read yours too.

시간을 거슬러 가고 싶습니다 ♥
A time, a place, a memory.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Like seriously!! Too many things to do! Gosh, there's gonna be a test on Wed and my individual project is due then too and i havent completed it yet! Can u like spell, SHYT ? Sheeshhh!

Mighty mood swings nowadays. Reminiscing all the old songs lately. I need a new laptop. I wanna get the Fuji-InstaxMini7s camera!!! And all its accessories off the net. sighhh. Need to find some work over the longer holidays. sigh.

Random stuffs again.


Gotta go do my projects now. (dreading it)


시간을 거슬러 가고 싶습니다 ♥
A time, a place, a memory.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Posting more often now cause there isnt much to do online. keke.
Anyway, i have to say,

Simply just love the place! So many pretty things, not to mention the happy mood once i step inside. kekeke. I think im a loyal customer. The only bad thing about the place is that the things there are just wayyyyy~ out of my budget. -.- sigh.. Wish i could have like, 30hours a day. Then i can go and work and earn some extra cash to spend... sighhh.

Work load is piling. I dont know what to start with. Everything still seems so new to me. I can hardly have time to adjust and adapt and before i know it, time's up. I get more scared and worried now because i know how scarily fast time can fly by. Been trying to brush up on my skills lately but i find that it has been a little too late. (Someone is playing mahjong in my block. I wanna join!! ) Been quite distracted lately, (The above has already verified that. )

Freaking phone isnt functioning well. Perhaps its cause i've dropped it too many gazillion times, or maybe its just a sign telling me that its time to change a new phone. One that is NOT touchscreen, mind you. Cause i miss the normal keypad. Call me old-fashion, but it seriously is more functional. And despite all the problems my current LG phone is giving me, i would still wanna get an LG phone ( like for an instance, LG lollipop... ) cause i can type in hangul. Yes, by far thats the only phone i know that can do that. And no, i dont want an iphone, no matter how great everyone is raving about. ( Its a touchscreen, if you havent realised. )

Sheeeshh. I keep on posting up random stuffs huh. ^^ I miss the Adam/Petite Couple!! I want themmm!!! I think i'd go mad if the company stops them. They are simply so adorable together! LOVES!! I think im liking 2AM alot more now. Esp Jinwoon and Jokwon. kekekekeke :]] They are sooooooooooooo cuteeeee~ :X Okay, shall stop drooling over them. i've got more to worry about than drooling over them.

Sometimes i wonder, is this something good or bad.
Things that i've secretly wanted come true most of the time in due course.
But it has a price. I wonder if its worth the price i have to pay.
Is this something to be thankful for or something i have to be cautious about..
Keeps me wondering.. It feels like someone is watching over me, making sure that my life aint to bad after all and is kept in constant and strict balance. Taking away things but making up for it. And for that, i am forever grateful. For i will learn that there is such a thing as a balance in life.

시간을 거슬러 가고 싶습니다 ♥
A time, a place, a memory.